Fun and energetic activities to make time fun with your little one!

It is difficult to find time and moreover to find NEW Activities every time you spend time with your toddler. And of course, nothing is going to go according to planning! That’s quite relatable, right? 
We have come up this time with fun new and simple without any steps activities to make sure you spend quality time with your little one. Let’s start right away. 

  • 7 Simple and fun activities to spend quality time with your toddler

1 :- Blanket Tents

A tent made with chairs is different idea indeed!

Change of place is a must. But with hectic schedules it becomes difficult to go out, so why not bring Camping at home? 
With the help of a few blankets and pillows and lighting of course, Or may e with chairs? easy and simple you can make your own tent and have fun with your little one.

2 :- Water Bubbles 

Playing with bubbbles-Pixel

Playing with water bubbles is a little messy in the house but it is so much fun. The children can also increase motor skills and sensory development through this game.

3 :- Hand painting

Hand painting is one of the fun ways to explore the creativity inside your child. A blank paper and hands filled with colours will give them the opportunity to have fun, explore and make use of it fully.

4 :-Collect different types Rocks and Leaves

Let your kid pick leaves in different shapes and sizes or create their own rock collection to be proud of. A lot of these can be used in art and craft activities. This might also help them in understanding the difference between shapes and again sensory development is going to play a huge role in this.

5 :- Perform easy and fun STEM Experiments

There are a lot of stem experiments available on braincells. Click here to let your child have fun with science and enjoy it. 

6 :- Indoor Treasure Hunt

Hide their toys and let them search for their precious treasures with simple trails and clues you give them. This might also help them collect some words which they’ve already stored in their precious minds.

7:- Reading 

We all know how important reading is. It helps them improve their knowledge of the language and imaginary power. To know about new books that one must read please click here

This was it for today. You can get access to 120+ Activities for your toddler . Without any mess and so much fun. To know more attend the FREE Masterclass now. Link is attached below.

Happy Parenting :)) 

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